Avery A1 and A0 Precision Trimmers – £250 for both

A1 Trimmer – P880 & A0 Trimmer – P1370:

Ideal for cutting larger volumes and sizes of paper, our A1 & A0 Precision Paper Trimmers offers the highest quality to ensure the ultimate in precision and performance. Capable of cutting up to 15 sheets of 80gsm paper at a time makes this perfect for use in schools, offices and design companies where a lot of paper cutting is done on a regular basis. The clear baseboard markings for paper and photo templates, imperial and metric measurements together with degree marking makes cutting more precise.

The design with its sleek rounded corners and attractive black and teal colours fits well in any surroundings. The extra features on this trimmer include a 65mm self-sharpening blade, see-through cutterhead window for visibility of the blade making cutting more accurate, a clippings tray and a magnetic backstop for precise repeat cutting.

A1 Dimensions – 1090 x 110 x 420mm
A1 Cut Length – 880mm

A0 Dimensions – 1580 x 110 x 420mm
A0 Cut Length – 1370mm

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