My Turn Queuing System – Starter Kit – Blue LED – £250.00

My Turn Queuing System – Starter Kit – Blue LED

The “My Turn Queuing System” is especially handy for queue control in businesses with high customer numbers, as well as for event organisation.

Easy to use, install, customisable, the My Turn Queuing System will save your business from the chaos that results from disorderly queues, keeping your customers satisfied with your services.
Starter Pack includes:

  •     Customer Screen
  •     Remote Control
  •     Ticket Dispenser
  •     Pack of 20,000 tickets


  •     Easy to install and operate
  •     Free from hanging wires
  •     Multiple screens are controllable with a single remote control
  •     Keeps queues progressing fairly and organised
  •     Positive impact on customer services
  •     Ideal for businesses with high customer volume
  •     Great solution for queue control at big events
  •     Cost effective and practical

Can be delivered by courier at cost.